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International Sales

International shipments are a specialty of Eldridge Supply Company. We have been exporting repair parts, complete engines, and farm machinery to different countries for over 15 years. 

We are very familiar with transferring international payments. For secure movement of funds, Eldridge Supply has a SWIFT service number. Bank wire transfers are often the best method for transferring funds, and our simple instructions make it easy.

Our export staff works with a competent freight forwarder. We are capable of obtaining quotes from several major U.S. ports to anywhere in the world. In many instances, export rates are cost effective and surprisingly affordable. 

Freight quotes are available upon request. The following information is required:

» Items selected for purchase 
» Port of entry 
» Final destination – name and complete physical address

For notification when shipment arrives, freight companies also require the following information:

» Contact phone number 
» Facsimile number (if available) 


Serving our International Customers is a pleasure. Please contact our export staff by email or telephone.
Email: [email protected]

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