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Eldridge Supply Company has been owned and operated by the Eldridge Family since 1933. 
Rolfe Eldridge was presented with a career opportunity in April, 1933. A previous owner of the IH dealership went bankrupt during The Great Depression. Rolfe Eldridge acquired the dealership from the International Harvester with $65 borrowed from his father John D. Eldridge, SR. 

Equipment sold by Eldridge Supply Company during the 1930's was some of the most innovative and productive of it's time. The International Harvester Company produced Farmall tractors and other McCormick equipment. 

In December 1945, International Harvester revolutionized cotton farming with the introduction of the first mass-produced mechanical cotton picker. The M-10-H Cotton Picker signaled the beginning of the end of the share cropper system in the South. Eldridge Supply Company received one of the first three allocated to Arkansas.

The early 1980's were challenging for all aspects of agriculture nationwide. Eldridge Supply found ways to survive during tough economic times. A move to the present building on Highway 64 gave the company room for the growing parts and service departments, and a new salvage business was started. 

The salvage division has evolved into the Eldridge Supply Dismantling Division. In 2012, Eldridge Supply Co purchased their former Main Street store from the City of Augusta. parts from dismantled farm equipment are itemized on the Internet and sold all over the world. 

The fourth generation joined the company and secured the future of Eldridge Supply Co. Mark Eldridge and Chris Eldridge are highly motivated and dedicated to the family business.

Eldridge Supply Company has been fortunate to have loyal, dedicated and knowledgeable employees. Their contributions are vital for the success of Eldridge Supply Company. 

With three store locations, a dismantling division, and an online presence, Eldridge Supply Company is able to serve farmers locally, nationally and internationally. Since 1933, our goal has been the same - provide customers with quality equipment, parts and service.

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